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keyI have realized something lately. I tend to have to organize things into categories. Those of you that have hung around my blog for any amount of time have probably watched my category listing grow. I didn’t count but there had to be at least 30 categories. My life is not that complicated. Life happens in two categories which are: Life and Work. Of course I also use this blog for my tutorials as well but really do I need that many categories? What or who is it helping? Not me. I don’t search my blog by category. Who does?

My blog is not the only thing that I have subjected to this category torture. I do it with email. I have email folders set for each client so I can keep them organized. Sometimes I find myself moving an email there before handling it. I created a website a while ago just to house all of the images I upload to share with others on this blog and on the social networks I belong to.

I do it in the way I organize everything. Well today I am here to tell you that I am putting a stop to it. I am no longer going to categorize things only so that I can get to them later. I think it has just been a comfort thing for me. I think that way, its systematic and logical. In my life everything really falls under two categories: Life and Work.

Obviously this has been an issue that has bugged me for a while. I have read several books on GTD (Getting Things Done) but found it hard to implement the solutions suggested. I purchased and have slowly been integrating OmniFocus into my workflow. It’s a great app once you take the time to figure it out. I have also started using mail templates and will blog about that as soon as I get my system down.

I just finished watching a presentation given at Google by the founder of, I posted a blog about it on my business website. It’s called Inbox Zero. It’s a great productivity concept on processing your email. If you are still with me, I highly suggest giving it a watch. The presentation is about 30 mins of the video and the rest is Q&A. It’s intriguing to me because it’s Google’s people asking the questions. The people that are suppose to be on the leading edge of tech and productivity suffer from some of the same issues we do. It’s great to learn on that level.

Anyhow, I need to digress at this point and get back to work. What good is staying up all night because you can’t sleep if you don’t get anything other then a blog accomplished?


  1. I just wanted to say i loved this entry. Every time i hear someone complain about email i send them over a link to your blog.

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