30 Day Blogging Challenge

Social Media has reshaped the way we share online. There used to be a time where I shared everything I found interesting on my blog. Even during the age of Myspace, I still shared most of the content I created or came across on my blog. With Facebook and Twitter’s popularity, I have found myself posting more to these social networks and neglecting my blog. I have long been an advocate for creating content on your own website and using social media as a catalyst for sharing that content. Social Networks come and go, so it does not make sense to create all of your content on a social network whose audience will most likely shift to a new location one day.

When I create content, I post it to my website and post links to my social network profiles. What I have not done much of is sharing content I find interesting to my blog. When I find something I like online, I often post a link and a short thought on my social networks. I should be doing this on my website.

Starting on the first of the year, all content I create and share online will originate on my blog. I will then share the content I post to my blog on my social media profiles. I have already began testing this in various ways by posting to my blog from my various devices. I am excited to make this change because I have become somewhat complacent with sharing content in multiple places such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Throughout this process it will be interesting to see how posting here changes engagement that I normally would have received on posts directly to the social networks. Will the amount of times content I post get shared change? How will the social networks treat my content considering it originates outside of their network? Testing things like this is fun to me. I have already noticed that Facebook does not show content that links away from their website nearly as much as when you post directly to Facebook. Deciding how I will post content to Instagram will be interesting being that you can’t link away from Instagram easily.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you will see a lot more content then you were previously used to me posting. This is also why I went to a more minimal look on the design and layout of my blog as well.

When it comes to sharing content, I want my website to be the first thing I think of, not a social network. Once I share that content on my blog, I can then share it with the social network I feel it would be most interesting to. For example, I share more family and life related content on Facebook. I share more tech related content on Twitter and Google+.

Let me know your thoughts on what I am trying here. Do you think it’s a good idea or should certain content be posted directly to social networks while longer content be posted to blogs?

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