365 Day Photo-Video Project

I know, I know. Another photographer doing a photo-a-day project. Any of you who have known me for any amount of time know that I love to use my camera, but don’t get to often as I would like. My camera often sits in my bag waiting for the next client on my schedule. This makes it hard for me to grow and explore as a photographer. I didn’t want it to be like all other projects and I also need it to be a challenge. That is why I will not be using my iPhone or a point and shoot camera to take my daily photos, they will be thought out and with my pro gear. I will also be shooting one video per week of something. The first week was me trying to explain what I wanted to do with this project.

Before I started in Photography I was big into Video. I used to love shooting and editing video until I started doing it for other people. That killed my joy of spending time editing. I can edit photos all day because I love working on photos I have taken of people, video is a different story, not really sure why to be honest. Doing these weekly video projects will be fun. One month I may even turn them into camera tutorial videos, who knows. That is where the excitement will be for me. Every time I do something I want to do it bigger and better the next time. My hope is that by the end of the year I will have shot some pretty awesome photos and some gnarly video.

I really have no idea where this will go. Right now I am just hoping I can keep it up. I would like to get other people involved. I have some ideas in my head that I am going to try and flesh out.

For now, go visit the website. It’s

Photos will be updated there daily, hopefully at 9am every day and the videos weekly. I would appreciate your retweets or Facebook “likes” to help get the word out. I am hoping that this will grow with the help of my friends and their suggestions.


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