A Valentine’s Parody For My Wife

So it was the day before Valentine’s day and we already had an understanding that we would keep it low key. Last year we were in the hospital with my newborn baby boy on Valentine’s day, his birthday was the 13th. So yesterday I was on Youtube procrastinating, which I am known to do on occasion, when I came across this video (embedded below).

I instantly shared it with my two employees and said to them, “I should make this for my wife.” We didn’t have anything with a deadline today so we grabbed a camera and ran down to the thrift store to buy some ridiculous props. Everything you see we got from The Hope Chest thrift store in Modesto. I wanted a sweet bike so I could go over a jump in the video but I was not going to pay $50 for the junk bike they had at the thrift store. What I did find was a junk drum set from the Rock Band video game, so I snatched that up.

With props and cameras we drove around Modesto shooting at a couple of different locations. We shot right through lunch so we decided to get burritos, hence the burrito scene.

We used the audio from the other video so it is actually the kid’s voice from this video. Part of it was how bad of a lib-dub job I did. I was trying to act like him in the video. Well, to be honest I was not trying to do anything but keep from laughing.

After uploading it to Youtube I Facetime’d with my wife on our computer so I could watch her face as she watched it. My wife loves stuff like this so me acting silly in public wearing clothes from a thrift store was better than any store bought gift I could have bought her.

Huge thanks to James Horton for editing this and to Sean Ahrens for helping film it for me so we could get it done in time for Valentine’s day today.

Now that my video is up, I kind of feel bad for making a parody of some poor kid’s video on Youtube but I guess that is what Youtube is for right? I hope nobody takes it serious. I am pretty sure that when I used to play guitar I could actually play the song.

Here is the original video.

Parody Video

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