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A very good day…

So I had to work a little bit today. Had a meeting in Turlock and a portrait viewing in the evening. After that I was to go over to my girlfriends house cause she wanted to cook me a bday dinner. She has to work the evening of my bday which is now today so she did it Monday (15th) instead. So I go over to her house and she has the dinner table all made up with a caesar salad on the table, bread with oil and vinegar, ice tea and pasta. It was pretty awesome. She was not happy with the way the pasta turned out but I loved it. I don’t think she understood at the time that it was the effort that counted most to me more then wether the food would turn out or not, which in my opinion it did. I mean she said it was only the third full meal she has ever cooked. The third meal I ever cooked would have killed her probably. She was very nervous about it, so afraid I would hate it. She told me later in the evening that when I drove up she started freaking out… After dinner and quick clean up we went to target in hopes to find some socks, I needed more socks, which we did, then over to Hollywood video. 3 for $25 so I got MI3, Ice Age 2 and one other, for some reason I can’t remember the name. Then over to cold stone to get some ice cream. We went over to my house and put to use the fire place. I had some wood I got a month or so ago in hopes to try out the fireplace. The fireplace had very noticeable use all over it but that does not always mean it is safe so we tried it anyway and had a very nice fire while we watched Ice Age 2. After that we called it a night, she has a long day a head of her tomorrow so I won’t get to see her until it’s over.

I would have to say this was the best bday I have had to date. I feel pretty lucky to have a girl that would go through all that to cook me dinner. She really made me feel loved.

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