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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Jerad Hill. I am an entrepreneur based in Kalispell, MT. I currently own Hill Media Group and work on a variety of other projects such as my YouTube Channels and other blogs (Links Below). My background is in photography and website design. My passion is entrepreneurship and education. I work hard but I also rest hard. I love to work, let me rephrase that: I love to achieve and always move forward toward a new goal. I also enjoy traveling, taking care of my body, spending time with my wife and being an active influence in the lives of my four children.

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  • State of Tech – Technology Reviews, News, and Tips: YouTube Channel | Website
  • Ditch Auto – Photography Education, Tips, Reviews, and News: YouTube Channel | Website
  • Learn With Jerad – Online Courses on Photography, Digital Marketing, Business & Technology: Website

My ultimate goal is to show the world that you can achieve great things and meet personal goals while still loving Jesus, your wife and your children. Though I will fall short many times during my years, I hope that through that I can raise children into responsible adults who love Jesus, their future families and find true enjoyment in what they choose as a profession.

I have worked for myself since I was 19 years old (1999). In my early childhood years, I would pick lemons from my neighbors lemon tree, make lemonade and sell it back to them. I get my work ethic from my Grandparents and my determination from my Mother.

I am never content with average and have a hard time understanding those who are. My late Grandmother told me a long time ago that if I was the smartest person in the group, that I better get a new group. I love that advice and have always tried to surround myself with people who inspire me to move forward.

My passions are People, Entrepreneurship, Teaching, Filmmaking and Photography. Though I love what I do and would love to share that with anybody wanting to learn more, I am first and foremost a listener. I would not be as far as I am at my age if it were not for the insight I have gleaned from the lives of others. We all have something to learn from each other.

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What is this blog about?

That’s a good question. I have been blogging here since 2005 and on the web since the mid ’90s. I have yet to define my blog. What it has been is a place where I post articles answering questions I could not find an answer online, a place to update friends and those interested in my life and to share my current projects with the world. I have a feeling it will constantly change into whatever is going on in my life at the time.

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Learn about my personal and professional goals on My Challenge List: https://jerad.blog/my-challenge-list/

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I also started my own online learning community at http://learnwithjerad.com

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