Alarm Clock

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A friend of mine and I came up with a concept for a new alarm clock. We want to take this line from a famous movie and make it the default buzzer. I really think it would sell.

Well on a more serious note, my alarm clock is set to 99.9, the Christian talk radio channel in our area. Every morning I wake up to something awesome, the word! I just wanted to share something with you, those of you who woke up with to much on their mind, or a long day ahead… Just remember that God loves you. He chose you. Before time he decided that you were just so cool that He could not let you perish. He took matters into his own hands and one act of mercy changed us forever. Does that not just make you feel awesome inside? I mean there is no way that we are going to be anything other then sinners, we are that way by our own choice and in that we are helpless. Why do we even derserve it? The answer is, we don’t. Through out today if you could just remember to say these few words to yourself from time to time it will not only keep a comforting feeling inside you but a smile on your face. The words…. “His Grace is enough.”

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