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August Burns Red & Project 86

Went to The Modesto Underground at Calvary Temple church tonight and saw August Burns Red and Project 86 along with a few other bands as well. Very awesome show. August Burns Red is like one of my fav. bands right now. I saw them in SF a few months ago but tonight show blew that one away. I got to chat with a few members of the band and I will be interviewing them in the next few weeks on The MetalCast. Im pretty excited about that. What else was rad was that I saw a few people from Xrds there and a few kids from NEWGEN which made for a fun night cause I got to rock out with a couple of the Jr. High kids from church, so cool… Great night overall!!!

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  • Chris
    October 19, 2006 at 1:22 pm

    DUDE! Calvary Temple ROCKS! ya’ll should come to the freakshow
    WEDNESDAY, NOEMBER 1ST It’s gonna be ROCKIN!!!!!

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