Being More Referable

In a world where everybody has an incentive program and a special offer in an attempt to create additional referrals they are really missing the point. It is true that these things will do something to generate more business but it really takes a different approach to create referrals that keep coming and regenerating through customers on to new customers. Building a foundation that automatically generates referral momentum is not done through external actions, it starts by implementing the internal tendencies that I am about to talk about into yourself, your brand and the culture of what you do.

Today in my BNI chapter, I gave a talk on how to be more referable. I really wish that I had recorded it because I was able to integrate my talk into the businesses and lives of the people who were present to hear about it. In this audio podcast I have attempted to recreate the talk and use a few real life examples of how a person of business can make themselves more referable. I hope you enjoy the first episode of “Jerad Hill’s Secret Public Network Marketing Podcast!”


This audio is available as part of a new podcast titled “Jerad Hill’s Secret Public Network Marketing Podcast” which you can find on iTunes and right here at

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