Blue Screen

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No not the blue screen you get on your pc all the time… I finally made a blue screen today with some stuff i bought like a month ago… For those of you who do not know what a blue screen does, it is kind of what they use in movies and on the news to remove the back ground from the action that is going on in front of it. You know like how the weather man stands in front of a blue or green screen and the computer puts the doppler radar in behind them. Well I made one of those today, and it worked out ok. I shot some test footage and ran it through shake 4 on my powerbook. It came out ok but I still need to put another layer of paint on the screen and I need some more lighting. You need good lighting because you have to light the screen so no shadows from the person in front show up on it, then you have to light the person. Well I didnt have anything but 2 lights on the screen and 1 on me… I need 2-3 more on me and 1-2 more on the screen as well. Then it should come out almost perfect. As soon as I get it tuned in just right then I will make some fun stuff and post it on here… If anyone is interested in making some little dumb videos or parody clips then let me know, it would be fun to have another person or two in the video as well…


  1. That is so neat! Hope you have fun playing around with it.

  2. I am SO INTERESTED in making some dumb little videos! I want to do DEB, saying “make a fist and bring it up under your chin… yeah.. this is looking really good. Now imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of tiny seahorses…” HAHAHAHAH!!!

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