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Ok yes I know I have been neglecting my own blog here… I feel like poop because of it and have even received 2 emails of minor complaints, lol… I have just been caught up in my new projects. The MySpaceDevo has required a lot of attention so far cause of the response it has received. Its going to grow really fast and im pretty excited about that. I also started another Podcast called MetalCast which is a metal and hardcore review show. I am also excited about this show cause its going to give me the chance to talk about music, which I love and get a few other points I have to share if you know what I mean 😉 So if you have not already please check out the MySpaceDevo at least, you can get to is at http://myspacedevo.com or you can open your iTunes and click Music Store, then do a search for Myspace Devo. Thanks so much awesome people, I will be blogging more often here I promise…

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