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Have a question, comment or suggestion? Maybe you should express it vocally. That would be sweet. Click the link below to hear a sample of me calling into the voicemail system. You can do it too by calling 206-984-0824. It works just like a cell phone voicemail. Some of you have sent me some of the most encouraging emails and had some of the most interesting things to say about what I have either blogged or podcasted on. Try calling in and leaving me a message. If you do not like it you can cancel the message before sending it. Come on, give it a try. If you call from your cell phone Im sure you have free long distance like everyone else. Oh wow, Save the # into your cell phone and if you have something cool to say or something inspiring comes up call the voicemail and share it with me. That would be so awesome.

Jerad calling into the voicemail system.

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