Canon C100 Test With My Kids

Had a few moments to play with my new Canon C100 while my kids played in the front yard. As with any time I try to film my kids, I try to only spend a few minutes doing it so I can go back to playing with them without a camera in hand.

I had the C100 outfitted with a 24-70mm 2.8 Canon lens and the Atomos Ninja 2 recorder. Recording footage to the Ninja 2 made post production much easier because I could just drag and drop the footage into Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro CC. With the Canon C100’s AVCHD codec, everything comes in as one file and I have to pull it apart to get the individual video files. It’s kind of annoying.

I didn’t spend much time on the footage in Final Cut Pro X. I just imported it, dropped the footage on the timeline and added some music. This is the footage with no color correction or stabilization.

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