GoDaddy.Com Discounts from Me!

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That’s right, GoDaddy.Com gave me some discount codes to share with my Podcast and Blog viewers. If you need to purchase a domain name, web hosting or pretty much any other web service, visit GoDaddy.Com Check it out: Save 10% off any order by entering the coupon code: “Jerad1” Save $5 off an order of $30 or more by entering the coupon code: “Jerad2” Get .Com domain names for only …

Some of the cleaning complete

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Well, like I said, I change my mind quickly and move. I decided that since my primary business focus is Photographer Jerad first, Web Designer Jerad second that I should move my photographer website to and redirect to it. I have also began working on and am close to completion of I am pretty sure I just confused the crap out of Google and Yahoo, but oh …

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Time for some spring cleaning

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It’s time to do some cleaning. I have over 1200 blog posts dating way back to 2005. I have changed directions with this blog a million times ranging from ranting about my life as a Christian to posting Photoshop Tutorials. I have had 2 blog categories and I have had 40. There are blogs that are outdated with information that is no longer relevant. I have weighed the pros and …

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Truly Amazing Desktop Wallpapers

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I subscribe to this blog and they always have amazing things to dazzle the eye. Several months ago I came across this link and bookmarked it. I’m glad I did because today I felt like changing up the old desktop which led me to posting this link for all of you to see. I ended up using an amazing image I shot of my wife yesterday in her wedding dress …

The iPhone App Podcast is #4 on iTunes

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Do a iTunes Music Store search for “iphone” and you will find my Podcast in the #4 position. I would like to go #1. If you search for “iphone app” I am #1 but I aim for perfection πŸ˜‰ If you have not added my podcast, please do. Simply go to iTunes, do a search for “iPhone App Podcast” and click subscribe. It’s free. I would love you forever πŸ˜‰ …

Hands Free is the Law!

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Poking fun at the hands free law that went in to effect in California July 1st. There is a lot of reality in this video. We all know talking on the phone is the safest of tasks we pull off while driving. What kind of things do you do while driving that you probably shouldn’t do?