Christmas has came and gone once again. I enjoyed Christmas this year. I actually enjoy it every year, but my favorite part is just relaxing and chatting with family. I could skip the overeating and even the presents. I don’t need anything and I definitely do not need more food. I am glad to be home and relaxing on my couch. I am sitting here typing while I watch my beautiful wife and my amazing son cuddle on the couch while they watch Pink Panther episodes. Liam is about ready for bed.

Even though spending to much time with family makes me tired I really appreciate my family. Though we have our issues and not everybody is getting along each year, I am very lucky to have the family I have. They are all pretty amazing in their own ways.

One of the cool changes this year was how crafty my wife and her family has been. Everybody seems to have found their diy over the last year and it was really cool.

Tomorrow we will be going to Ikea to get some furniture for Liam’s new room. After we finish his room we will make a few minor changes to Liam’s old room for the new baby. I still sit and wonder how I am going to handle having two children, however I wondered how I was going to handle having one. Liam is pretty amazing, and I also have a pretty awesome wife who handles everything so well. I am very lucky.

I just put my son to sleep and he is calling out my name. I could cuddle with that kid all night. I love him more than I could have ever imagined loving something.

I am still pretty excited about releasing the music video for my brothers band. I just love watching it. I hope I get the chance to shoot more music videos. I thoroughly enjoyed that process.

Having a hard time concentrating on writing right now. Going to call it quits until tomorrow.

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