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Church this weekend…

Our college group Pastor spoke this weekend in main church. It was really cool. He mostly touched on points in his life that define his walk with Christ and made some really cool analogies about things in our daily life. Below is the little audio arrow you can click to listen to his talk this weekend. It was awesome. It really made me think about how I need to be more open about my past with those around me. My church is my family and I need to be real with them about everything. Jeff said this as well, “What you love so much about someone, it just kind of leaks out of you doesn’t it? How much more should it be with your Jesus?” Awesome… If you have some time leave this window open, click that little arrow and listen to it while you do your work or chat on myspace. I want to live and share the real Jesus that is inside me. I love you who is reading this blog enough to share this with you.

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