Constantly Demonstrate Your Value

hands_treeIt sounds competitive doesn’t it? Knowing that in this world today we need to constantly demonstrate our value to this world is resulting in just as much bad as it does good. It is stressful to have to think that every day. I know that I am always one step away from being forgotten about by some. Things come at us so fast from so many different directions that the only way that we can assure we remain in the minds of others is to make sure we are constantly adding value to their lives. We are that way as consumers, we are no longer loyal. I changed banks twice in 2008, nobody used to do that. The one who adds the most value wins. In the blogosphere who is paid attention to? The one demonstrating the most value to their readers. On Twitter who is talked about most? Need I answer that question…

It is a tall order to deliver every day, to make sure that each and every time you have something to say it is somehow benefiting someone, and what if you can not figure out what to say, you risk losing people by not saying anything at all. It’s no wonder depression is the leading cause of so many illnesses that incapacitate people. You either deliver or you diminish.

I however find it extremely invigorating. Though I struggle to come up with ways to add value every day I know that by simply listening to people I am adding enough value to stay afloat. I did not used to be a very good listener and sometimes I still catch myself failing when it comes to be attentive to the needs of others. I was at Starbucks on Easter, my wife had to work, and a homeless guy came up to me asking me for change so that his wife and himself could get something to eat. I usually offer up any change that I have in my pocket with out even thinking but that is all I did this time. I gave the guy the fifty cents I had. After he had left and was out of my sight I thought about how it was Easter and how much it must suck to have to be begging for spare change on Easter of all days. I should have given him everything I had in my wallet, which was $374. He needed it more then I did and it was freaking Easter for crying out loud. Can you tell that I was convicted?

Whether it be something as simple as adding value to someone’s life that is not asking much of you or making sure that your clients or customers are being fed by the knowledge you have you must constantly demonstrate your value to this world. The day you give up is the day the world gives up on you. Those who go unnoticed and pass away with out a tear being shed chose to keep their value to themselves. We all have value, more value then could be demonstrated in a lifetime, we just have to figure out what it is and put a tap in it so we can offer it up to others. Adding value means that you will always be offering of yourself to others through all facets of life.

A few books I suggest giving a read:

Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends
The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea

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