Deep Netflix

One of the issues I have had with Netflix is the short list of categories for browsing movies. I like to browse categories in hopes of discovering a movie I have not seen. I am the same way when it comes to books on Amazon and audiobooks on Audible. I may not know what I am searching for until I see it. I am sure many of you are similar to me.

Earlier today, I came across this cool post that includes all of the known categories. It seems that when you are browsing Netflix through the website, the categories have a four-digit code at the end in the web address.

There are two category lists. I think the first list will keep you busy, but if you want to go Deep Netflix, check out the Extended Category list.

It’s pretty amazing. There are so many categories to choose from.

So check it out. I am not sure how long this list will be maintained as it is a pretty basic website. Hopefully, Netflix will add some deep linking in soon so we can dive into the dark corners of Netflix and find something new.

What are some of your favorite Netflix shows? Let me know in the comment section.

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