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Don't Buy Sony CDs

This is true…

Sony has put a “Root Kit” on their music cds that installs itself on your computer to notify Sony through your internet on what music you are listening to. That is the purpose of a Root Kit is to hide files or programs. This “Root Kit” software hides itself inside your operating system. It is not a virus and will not hurt anything but it hides the music files from you also so you can not copy them. The way the Root Kit software is written it makes it easy for a hacker to create files and hide them on your system the same way that the Root Kit makes Sony music cd files hidden. So when you go to buy a CD and it says Content Enhanced or Protected CD. This will happen on PC only. It does not happen on a Mac.
This also makes me wonder if a lot of other Music companies are doing this. First off I dont like when stuff is installed on my computer with out me knowing it and second, I hate being tracked…

I heard this info on a Podcast from This Week In Tech and thought I would share the info with everybody…

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  • skyler
    November 27, 2005 at 11:23 pm

    thanks for the update, i hate when these companies take advantage of ignorance for their capital gain. I caught you in the modesto be, like your style and what you are doing. if you know of any web technicians who have the talent but dont know what to do with it or have no creative ideas I have the perfect solution 310-359-3037

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