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I’m tired of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask where they’re headed and hook up with them later…


  1. there is great wisdom in that statement. in the long run, you’ll be very glad that you surrendered what you thought you wanted for what God truly has in store. His plans for you greater than what you can assume; they are more vast than you can contemplate.

  2. Great wisdom in that statement but just to be honest it was a quote from the late comedian Mitch Hedberg. 😉

  3. it may have been written by someone else, but what i said about you stands. i’m picky with my words, as you may already know. therefore what i say is not idle, and there is always merit behind it. i said what i did because God told me to. Hopefully, you’ve believed me in the past, and that you’ll believe me in the future as when God has things he wants me to say to you.

    merry christmas and happy wednesday.

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