Early Presents and Being Tired

Today I released the music video for my brothers band. It was so much fun shooting that video. It was the first time in years, if not possibly the first time I enjoyed shooting a video project as much as I did that one. Every though I was a little worried how it would turn out I went about it the way I go about all things I am unsure about. I always get more than I need. We shot a lot of footage and used only a small amount, but everything we did use was quality. It was a lot of fun and I hope I get the chance to do it again.

Mallory and I were restless last night so we gave each other our Christmas presents early. I love giving my wife gifts. Tonight we went to my mothers house so she could give Liam his big presents that thankfully were for her house. He got a crab sandbox and a pirate ship water and sand table. Lots of fun to be had at Grammy’s house, which means Mommy and Daddy can plan some vacations. My Mom took us out to dinner tonight also. I was tired. A glass of wine and I was falling asleep on her couch.

I managed to get up early today and go to the gym. I was determined to set a new movement goal on my Fitbit. The last time I looked I was over 15,000 steps. That is pretty good considering a day where I don’t go to the gym is 2,000 or less.

Today I joined the new gym that is going in a few blocks away from out home. It will be nice to go there because it is close by, however I am afraid that I will not get along well there. It seems to be a place that frowns on people working out very hard. We will see how that goes. I am sure that I will frequent the place during the early or late hours.

It has been a long month for sure. With how busy Dailyappshow has been and all of the other work I have had it has really tested my limits. I am ready to relax this weekend. Tomorrow I hope to get in a quick cardio session at the gym before we head out to my Grandparents house for Christmas Eve.

Next week will be a light week at work. I will finish up on a few projects while Sean keeps Dailyappshow up to date. Then we will head to Ventura for a few days and the New Year will be here.

I am so tired right now. I am going to have a hard time making it to 750 words today. I give up. I will try again tomorrow.

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