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Ehhh Yahoo…

Im so mad at Yahoo right now. I pay for advertising for a few of my websites and I have a daily budget set to help maintain an even flow of advertisement and stay with in my budget. Well for some reason Yahoo is not recognizing that budget and one of my sites just ate up $250 in a day. Now I am on eternal hold with them. I cant stand how some of these companies take advantage of the little guys. There really is no alternative to working with Yahoo cause they bought out the company I have used for years now called Overture. When it was ran by Overture it was a smooth process and I never had issues. Now that Yahoo runs it they don’t even have a phone number listed anywhere. I had to do a Google search just to find their customer support number and it was not even listed on a Yahoo site, it was in some chat forum for webmasters. How lame is that… I wish there was another way to do it but Yahoo has a contract with most of the major search engines out there that allows their paid customers top placement on the search engine. So when you do a Yahoo, Altavista, Infospace, or MSN search you will usually see a few listings at the top in bold and they might even have a border around them. Those are called Sponsored listings and that is where I pay to be. Even if I called each of those search engines and paid to advertise on all 5 of them I could not even get to the top cause Yahoo basically owns the “top” spots. Lame, lame, lame…

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