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Yeah so have you ever made comments to someone and totally went out of your way to share something with a friend that you would know would help them out? I have a friend who has amazing artistic skills and I always tell him he needs to be doing that full time. Making art his business. This has been something I have been getting on him to do for about 4 years now. So he finally goes out and gets a computer so he can start doing stuff in Photoshop with his art, and I was going to teach him. Then he comes over to my house on Friday and says oh hey dude I told you the other day but I dont think you heard me but I bought a vinyl cutter just like yours and it came in today. He totally didnt tell me anything about it. He wants to use the vinyl cutter to cut out stensils for when he air brushes stuff, which I totally would have done for him. So he says yeah Im mostly going to use if for the airbrushing but Im going to have to use it to make stickers and signs for people for a while so I can make some money. Keep in mind he has a full time job besides this. So i was kinda mad cause now with in a week he went out and bought the same laptop and vinyl cutter I have and five minutes later he has the nerve to ask me when Im going to finish his website that I was not going to charge him for. To be honest this is kind of the story of my life. People always take something I am doing and go off on their own with it. It was like that when I had Hookupz. Now I am not worried about him taking business from me or anything its the principle of the matter. Why would you want to become a competitor with one of your friends? I would never want to go and get really good at art so I could compete with him. Im just not like that, I would rather support someone who is already doing it. Well I am sorry about ranting on like this but it was just something that upset me and I guess if I can post about the good I can post about the bad also… Oh the up side, I totally slept the afternoon away after church. I loved it. I have not napped like that in forever and it helped so much. I feel great right now.

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