First 45-Days of Intermittent Fasting

In December I started Intermittent Fasting so I wanted to share how it was going so far. I decided to change the way I eat because I realized I was stressing myself out over eating and realized that Intermittent Fasting also solved some other issues I was dealing with it.

Intermittent Fasting is temporarily extending the fast that we all do from the time we finish dinner to when we eat in the morning. For me, it means skipping breakfast, and I feel much better because of it. It also means occasionally skipping lunch. Currently, about half of the week I eat lunch and the other half I skip it. When I do eat lunch I eat a very light lunch.

I have suffered from acid reflux, bloating, hypothyroidism, and generalized fatigue for years. Changing my eating habits have minimized many of the symptoms I have experienced for so many years.

I’m really enjoying this new way of handling my food intake. I will continue to post updates as I reach new milestones.

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