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I talked to a friend of mine yesterday that over the course of this year I have kind of lost touch with. It kinda made me feel upset with myself yesterday because I have known so many good people in my life and for one reason or another lose touch over time. I know that is nothing new, people lose touch all the time and as we get older people go in different directions but thats no excuse really. I really blame myself on this one though because I have concentrated so much on my work and my walk with Christ that I shut out a lot of other things in life. Anything that had to do with me before I recommited myself to Christ I kinda let fade away. I mean what, am I afraid that if I hang around people I used to hang with that I will do something wrong and cause myself to fall? I dont think so. I never hung around anyone that would not take this type of change in my life as something worth respecting. I know some of the people who I used to be close with read these blogs and I never hear anything in response from them because Im sure they might be mad with me. Looking at this from the other side of the table I think I would be mad at me. It is a pattern in my life that if I do not like a certain aspect of something I tend to sign off everything that is attached to it and move on in another direction. That is stupid of me because I know I have wrecked several good situations in the process. This was just really on my heart all yesterday evening and this morning. I need to stop and check myself whenever I try to change something with myself. I am not going to let good friendships go by the way side just because I think I am to weak to handle change with out total demolition.

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