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Frusterations in Remembering

I remember 9-11. I remember where I was when I saw the news, I remember watching the TV like a zombie for several days. I remember how cool it was to see everyone come together as one nation. It was so uplifting to see everyone come together and push aside all bariers we have in this world and help eachother. We will always have things we disagree on but for that month of September in 2001 it seemed like nothing else mattered then the land we lived on and what we would do to protect it. Several years later and that has faded to become only a memory. I can see in a few years the 9-11 day of Liberty being about as special as Columbus day is. Its kind of sad is it not? It frusterates me to listen to people talk about it all day then the next day there is no talk at all. Really I could go on and on about how I feel and what I have to say about it but I do not have the energy to do that so I will just leave it at me being frusterated…

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