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Gearing up for the week…

A long week ahead of me. I have a lot to accomplish. Then I will be gone this next weekend at a leadership retreat for the college group I serve in. One of the most frustrating things I deal with almost daily is people not understanding or acknowledging the things I need to do. They think that because I work for myself I can just not go to something, or put something off. I do not ever remember having this mentality when I was younger. I always knew what needed to be done and the importance of it. If I schedule a meeting, then I go. I get crap from my girlfriend all the time because she says she needs to schedule an appointment to spend time with me or she will say that I schedule appointments all day so I have an excuse not to be around her or others. Talk like that makes me not want to be around her or others… I guess it would be easier for others to accept if I had a set schedule and I was just busy during those hours. Sometimes I am not busy though and I do have time to run around during the week. This month and next month are proving not to leave any time for that so far. I will be in my office working, if not working then I have the retreat to go to and next month a training seminar in Las Vegas.

I have three major websites to launch this week. This will be a stressful week. Tomorrow is two of them so we will see how that goes. I have faith that it will go well. One of them is for the most part launched already, it kind of leaked out but thats ok. Just some bugs to work out still.

I really wanted to go to the gym this morning but I knew I needed to get some work done so I did that instead. Now its about 10 and I have two meetings before lunch time. Maybe I will be able to fit in the gym this evening because I do not have a leadership team meeting tonight.


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