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Get ahead??

Get ahead? What does that mean? I feel like my life the last few weeks has been like our weather. Starting out a little stable, then blown all over the place, experience a day of sunshine, then back to all out termoil. Not to sure what God is trying to tell me in all of this. I have been praying about the situations currently in my life trying to make sence of it all. I guess life right now is just being great preperation for when I talk on Ecclesiastes chapter 2 in a few weeks. Im not saying I hate life right now, don’t get me wrong, I will never hate life. I just have a hard time not knowing where the road is taking me. Sometimes it gets confusing and I am not the kind of person who handles that well.

I have had a lot to pray for in the lives of other people lately which is a huge blessing to me. I love to pray for others. If that is all I had to pray for I would still be content. God shows me so much through the lives of others. There is much that I see and most of it through emails but as people update me on what is going on in their lives I can just sit back and thank God that he has allowed me to hang around while he does his mighty work with in the lives of my brothers and sisters.

Even though I really wanted to start this blog off as a rant about how I can’t seem to get a head and about how things keep coming up to prevent me from being comfortable in the ways I wish to be confortable I really see how much God controls your thoughts when you are connected with him in prayer. (ok now to pray about all the fragmentations in that sentence)

None the less I am thankful that I have what I have and I would not exchange my situation for any other. I know I am blessed and that God’s grace is ever so in my life even when I might not see it in the brightest of colors.

Dear Lord,
Help me to remember that you are my Source of light in every situation, even when I seem to be sitting in darkness. Amen.

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  • Mom
    April 15, 2006 at 5:22 pm

    He is our source and we can do nothing without Him. He will guide us and protect us if we only ask. He says, knock and you may enter, ask and you shall receive.
    We don’t have to do life on our own.

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