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I went to Walgreens tonight on my way home from a friends house and ended up talking to a older guy who was the security in front of the store. He asked me a question about my truck and we started talking about engines and older trucks. Then from engines to how he used to spend hours with his son working on motors just for fun. Brought back memories of my childhood working on motors with my Grandpa and Dad. He said, “We would have more fun at home working on a motor then going out and wasting time running around.” How true is that, the simple things that you can do at home with family or even friends is more fun and rewarding then running around chasing whatever is out there. When you get older and you look back on life what do you really have other then your memories? Do you want to remember the times you just hung out and enjoyed company or the times you were out chasing after some happiness you could never quite reach?

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  • Mom
    June 3, 2006 at 2:34 pm

    To bad it takes until we get older to discover this. As I always told you boys. Family is the most important part of your life because they will be there for you most of your life while others come in and out of your life. Make good memories with your family.

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