High School Fall Blow out…

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Ok yeah so a few days ago I blogged about the Jr High Fall party thing. The high school one was huge. There was more high school kids there then a normal full service on a Sunday. They had to have atleast 75 large pizzas, maybe more, tons of soda. They gave away 3 ipod nanos and a ipod photo. They have live music from their awesome worship band, a Christian rap group from the bay area and a Christian Improv group from LA that was very funny. I have not seen comedy like that before, it was awesome. I took some video and will do a short video of the evening. Like the Jr High kids it was really awesome to watch these kids worship. I remember high school better because I was a Christian in high school so I remember worshiping at that age. It was cool to see that though, reminded me of the awesome worship I took part in during that time in my life. I just thank God for allowing me to take part in these ministries and just witness such love and glory being lifted up to God. Its amazing.


  1. yeah it was pretty sweet lastnight. now the exciting part is to see if any of those kids make it to sunday and monday night!! Thanks for helping out lastnight….. i know you passed out more pizza than you ate, so you served a purpose of being there. πŸ˜‰ Unlike me… I ate pizza and gave some kids a bad time… but it got them to smile and laugh… i fullfilled my purpose! πŸ™‚

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