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I am often asked how I sell my old tech items. I don’t like old stuff and I also do not like losing money on things either. Because I am always posting about technology, people often ask me how I sell my old stuff. For years now I have been selling my used items on This ranges from smartphones that I bought just to review over at to my own personal laptops. I get responses back because there seems to be confusion around selling on Amazon. People often think that only businesses can sell on Amazon. Up until last year, I sold as an individual on Amazon. Since I started selling on Amazon I have sold used DVDs, Books, and anything else I found I didn’t have a use for any longer.

I use Amazon because it is easy to list items and the selling process is easy. Buyers on Amazon do not hassle you with 100’s of questions before buying like they do on Ebay. The fact that you don’t have to deal with Paypal is a huge plus for me. You simply list an item and when it sells, you ship it. Amazon pays you by depositing the payment into your checking account. It is simple! I even use Amazon’s built in shipping so I don’t have to hassle with getting tracking numbers and posting them to comments in the sales. When I sell something, it takes me minutes to process the order and have it ready for shipping.

Check out the video, it will help you through the process of signing up and managing selling screens. It is not 100% obvious with Amazon, but once you get the hang of it you can sell items pretty quickly.

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