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I give up…

Well my cell phone is still a piece of junk, I rarely get calls, then hours later get a bunch of voice mails. Nextel does not want to fix my phone under warranty and I’m in a contract until Oct 2006, don’t really know how that happened either. So $200 to close out the Nextel contract and get into another contract. There is no way around it unless I feel like paying a ton of money. All my old phones are on AT&T so there is no way to activate them now cause of Cingular. Looked into a new phone with Cingular but all phones will have atleast $50 out of pocket cost and maybe you will get the rebate back. I know the Nextel phone I got for my brother, the rebate came back saying that they do not send checks to Po Boxes, then I gave them my home address and they came back saying they don’t send rebate checks to different addresses then the billing address. So there went $50 right there. Its a battle that can not be won. We have no choice but to be submissive to these cell phone companies. It would be nice if it was like land line phone companies where anyone could start up their own phone company if they wanted to. Then all the competition would drive the bigger companies prices and contracts down. I do not see that happening for a while, until the next thing better then cell phones come out. Like the title suggests on this blog, I am giving up for now. Atleast the voicemail works and I get the messages sooner or later…

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