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Im Back!!!

Like you all missed me or something, lol… Yeah well Retreat was awesome this weekend. Our speaker Chris Simning was an amazing witness to what God can do in a persons life. The worship band was awesome. They had their family with them and they hung out with all of us the whole weekend. In all I believe there was about 100 people there. I took lots of pictures and shot tons of video so you can expect that soon.

A few things that made this weekend awesome. Chris was the biggest contribution. I have never met a speaker so genuine as him. Our retreat was his 11th straight week of speaking at camps and retreats. I never saw him once with out a smile and something funny to say. One of the main verses that was concentrated on during this weekend was Romans 8:31. Its funny because we had just gone over the end of chapter 8 in my small group. I really think that God is nailing down that one truth into my head. I have a hard time being transparent sometimes and leaving it all up to God. Even the way the video for the retreat ended turning out. Sometimes I get over confident in myself and God will set me straight. I had the whole video done and it was great but because I don’t recall praying about the video once, or asking God to keep me focused one time this weekend it didn’t work out.

It was also nice to get to relax. It is so peaceful up in the mountains. Friday night at around 11pm I went jogging. The stars and moon were bright enough to lite the path for me, it was amazing. I think I got more sleep this weekend then I usually get at home. I was in bed by 1am and slept in until almost 8 both mornings. Each morning before lunch we had a chance to go off and find a spot to be by ourselves with God. On Saturday I spent a good 15 mins praying then wondered over to my buddy Josh where we chatted for a bit then prayed for eachother. On Sunday during our quiet time I spent half of it praying and the other half taking pictures of people (quietly) in their quiet time.

The food was great. Me being single and a guy, I think I appreciate it more then most do. Always a snack and something to drink available.

Overall the most I got out of this weekend was Awesome Fellowship. I got to know people I had only had a chance to meet once or twice and I also met a lot of other awesome people for the first time. It was really cool that we got to be in small groups several times each day and that each small group was different so we got to interact with different people. What I thought was really cool is that 2 guys that I had the pleasure of chatting with several times at the retreat had only been to Xrds once and decided to go to the retreat. I thought I was outgoing… It was really awesome to hear them talk about how good of a time they had and how they were glad they came. It was my first time to the retreat also but I have been going to Xrds since earlier this year. I would not trade the fellowship from this weekend for any vacation I could have or wanted to go on this year.

Though my weekend was amazing I am glad to be back home. I was happy to get away for a few days where my cell phone had no reception at all and all I could do is just concentrate on God. If any of you that went on the retreat read this I just want to say thank you for being such awesome people. In a group of a hundred or so it is hard to meet or chat with everyone but those who I did get to spend some time with thank you also for being so open and transparent. You are all an awesome inspiration to me as a fellow believer. God bless all of you.


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