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I’m In A Notion Slump!

I'm in a Notion Slump - How I'm Using Notion to be more Self-Aware

If your year has gone like mine, it started out pretty fantastic with an almost unlimited amount of motivation. It’s a new decade and a perfect time to hit the ground running. Now that we are well into the year, some of that excitement has worn off and I have recently found myself in a bit of a slump.

If you have been following me online for the last several months, you have seen me talk a lot about how I am using Notion to organize and structure my life. I have built tools within Notion that have helped me keep productive and on task. Less has slipped through the cracks and it has been easier for me to achieve my goals.

After hurting my back last month, I got in a slump and my routine suffered. After my back was better, it was still hard to get back into a routine, but this time I have something I haven’t had in the past. Data!

I have been using Notion for my Daily Log for quite a while now and due to the way I have it set up, I can see trends in my life. Looking at these trends makes it easier for me to stay in touch with myself and be more self-aware. This has helped me so much.

In the past, I would journal or Daily Log in Evernote, but there was no easy way for me to visualize how things had been going for me. If I had been frustrated multiple times in a week over something, I didn’t have a way to visualize that. The frustration had to reach a boiling point before I could really notice it had become a problem.

So even though I have not used Notion as much as I would have liked to and some of what I built in Notion got a bit stale, my Daily Log really helped me recognize what was going on and that knowledge allowed me to course-correct much sooner. For that, I am thankful.

Check out my recent video on how I was in a Notion Slump and actually used Notion to get out of it. Pretty meta, I know.

Check out my templates for Notion and Evernote

Much is going on in our world right now. I hope that you are able to use it to think and grow. Though we are all experiencing major setbacks, my prayer is that we come out of this stronger and more resilient than before.

Stay safe and healthy!

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