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In Gods hands…

It is so hard to leave things in God’s hands all the time. When it is the 22nd of the month already and you are like wow I have some bills due and then rent in 8 more days. I get all crazy and run around trying to collect on accounts that have been lagging on paying me and what not. God always provides for me so I do not know why I get all weird from time to time. Two months ago I was kinda trippin’ out on what I was going to do to make that month happen and God brought me a pretty big website job. I put it in His hands and he came through. He has never left me stranded so I do not know why it is so hard for me to just leave it up to God in the first place. Its always at the end of the month I turn to God for his assistance. What I guess I need is prayer. I need God to rid me of this doubt I have.

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