Increasing Lead Generation Online

How do you drive more business to your website so your website can actually work for you and send potential clients your way?

Find websites that people are visiting. You will already know about these websites because you hear about them when you are watching tv or see them online when you are browsing.

I had just listed my Photography business on the KCRA 3 – A List website. They are currently running a promotion in certain categories where people can vote and the winners will probably be announced or something along those lines.

The main point is that I listed my business on the website at 8am this morning, I received an approval email at 11:30am letting me know that my listing was active. At 1:40pm, just moments ago I received a request for pricing information for a wedding. A Bride visited my website, she found it on the KCRA 3 – A List website. She emailed me and I responded quickly with pricing and package information.

This listing did not cost me a penny, only about 10 minutes of my time.

There are a lot of directory listings like the KCRA 3 – A List website that allow you to list your business for free. Take advantage of this. Don’t pass up a free listing. The search engines love in-bound links. It lets them know that other people are talking about your website. If you fit into the categories that the KCRA website has listed then I suggest you list your company and website with them. Use quality images of your products or your services if they allow for image uploading.

Getting results!

Visit my listing on the KCRA 3 – A List website. Vote for me while you are there.

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