iPad vs iPad Mini Practical Comparison

When Apple released their first iPad, I was in love. For years I had been hauling my laptop around with me only to be performing simple tasks such as responding to emails or reading blogs. When I meet with clients I may show them some photos, videos or website design examples, but nothing that would require me to have my MacBook Pro with me. When Apple announced their iPad Mini, I did not know what to think. At first I felt it would be a step backward due to it’s internal components being comparable to the iPad 2, not the latest 4th Generation iPad which was announced along with the iPad Mini. However, like any lover of tech, I preordered one and am now here to report my findings.

The iPad Mini may not be as powerful as the new 4th Generation iPad but it is plenty of power for what 90+ percent of the world will use an iPad for. In the video, we will do a side by side comparison so you can see for yourself the different between these devices. As for me, I decided to sell my full size iPad and use an iPad Mini for personal use. I still have a 3rd Generation iPad on hand for app testing and app reviews but it never leaves the office.

Also take a look at my review of the iPad Mini FitFolio Case by Speck.

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