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Its been a while…

I hung out with some friends I have not been around in a while tonight. I really had a good time hanging around talking and making jokes. Like I said a few blogs ago about how I had been seperating myself from people I really cared about and I was not even realizing it. I mean we all go through changes in life and sometimes people even go their seperate ways. It was great seeing them. There were several ackward moments for me through out the evening cause God has made me a much more humble person around other people. I did a good job or avoiding what needed to be avoided and commenting on what I felt needed correction. I care a lot about them, I have known them for 4 years. I was talking to one of my Christian online friends about my evening and he was like dude why did you even stay, I would have been so out of there. My response to that was why take off and show your weakness. I know I should not have put myself in the middle of certain things this evening but I did not do anything wrong but show how I can still enjoy company without being the way I used to be. The last thing I want anybody to think about me is that when I rededicated myself to the Lord I signed everybody else off. Yes God is #1 in my life but I am still no better then anyone else. If you care about people will you turn your back on them because they do not follow your beliefs? It was a good test for me because I have not really gone out and been in any situation that I could slip in since I started following again. I really was tired most of today but on my way home I was kind of amped up! This passage was running through my head the whole night, I had received it earlier in the day through a text message from a friend. Proverbs 10:16

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  • brian
    August 20, 2005 at 8:04 am

    I’m glad you had fun last night. I’ve really missed hang out with you bro. I hope you weren’t offended and not want to come over anymore because of how we are. But it’s cool to know your not a judgemental christian it really showed how strong your faith is and I respect even more for that. i’ve seen quite a few of my friends turn to god and then disappear because my faith is very back sliden. Hope we can kick it again soon. Next time it won’t be so out of hand. We havent gotten like in awhile. Talk to you later bro. Brian

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