Jerad Hill's ListsI am a big fan of lists. I find some of the best new apps by reading top app lists produced by others. I like learning in a list form. Lay out the process, and I can follow it. I have found that I am not alone in my love for lists so I have decided to start making some of my own lists based off of the things I like. My lists will most likely include technology, food, performance and family related things that all fall under who I am and what I enjoy. Because my likes and processes for doing things change often, I plan to keep these lists updated. My technology lists such as app lists will be kept up to date with the latest apps I am using. My goal is to have a living set of lists that include what I am into and why at the time. When that changes, so will the lists. If a list/interest, becomes stagnant, I will most likely archive it to a blog post and mention that the list has been archived.

You can view my lists from the navigation bar of this website.

Have an idea for a list for me? Let me know in a Tweet or on Facebook. Like one of my lists, share it with a friend who might be interested in the same thing.

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