My Top Used Smartphone Apps

Apps have became a big part of my life. I have an app to handle many functions of my life that I would normally have had to do manually. From sharing photos to being more productive, apps have helped me in so many ways. I am sure you can agree that good apps help you free up more of your time to focus on other important things or tasks.

This list showcases the apps I currently use the most and will continuously change as I am always in search of a better and faster way of using apps to achieve a goal. This list may also include apps on different platforms as I am often changing between iPhone and Android platforms depending on which phone I am predominantly using. I will try and keep the apps categorized to make it easier to follow the list. At times, this list may get long and other times it may be a short list. My goal is to keep it up to date with the latest apps and my latest habits for using them.

My Top Productivity Apps

My Smartphone is first and foremost a productivity tool for me. Though it is also a source of entertainment, if it was not helping me complete tasks quicker, I would not be so interested in Smartphones. Here are the current Productivity Smartphone apps I am using.

trello-icon2Trello – Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android (Free App): Trello is a task manager that also works well for teams. It allows you to create boards that can be project specific. Inside of the boards you create cards for your tasks. Inside of cards you can have task specific check lists. Cards can be moved between lists such as To Do, Doing and Done. Trello works well for me because it allows me to create tasks and assign them to my team. I have an organization inside of Trello setup for each website we run or manage for a client. It is easy to assign tasks and then keep those tasks up to date. Each card you add contains the ability to hold conversations and updates from with in the card. You can always bring cards back up even if they were completed and archived. All in all, this is one of the best team productivity tools out there. I have tried many and many have fallen short one way or another.

Trello has native apps on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Trello also works well in a browser which means you can use it on a Mac or a PC without installing anything. Trello is free until you start to add a couple of people to an organization in which it has a small monthly fee to grow your team. Trello allows you to attach files to tasks and when you post a youtube link in a card it automatically embeds the video for easy playback with out having to launch Youtube.

All-in-all, Trello is a win. The few shortfalls that keeps me from being a poweruser are it’s interface. I need something minimal. Though Trello is much more minimal than other tools of it’s like, it requires a few to many steps for me and does not allow me to view multiple organizations tasks at once with out clicking around a bit (to my knowledge anyway).

Wunderlist-iconWunderlist – Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Android (Free App): I have had a love/hate relationship with this app, mostly love at this point. Wunderlist started out as a simple todo list app and has now turned into a powerful app that can be used for teams. If we were not so deep into Trello, I probably would switch my team over to Wunderlist as well. I tend to use the Wunderlist app on my Mac the most, which is a native app you can download from the Mac App Store for free. You can setup lists and those lists can have todo items. Inside of those items you can have checklists, set due dates, leave notes and get reminders. I like Wunderlist because they have kept their interface clean and easy to use.

I typically use Wunderlist for my personal organizational needs. It is a cleaner interface than Trello and I tend to work on tasks and then check them off. Moving them into a “doing” category would be a waste of time for me, however I like that feature for my team so I can see what they are currently working on.

Wunderlist Pro allows you to assign to-do items, have unlimited subtasks (check lists) and file attachment is coming soon.

My Top Social Networking Apps

to be continued.

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