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Live by reason

There is nothing wrong with wanting good things in life, there is nothing boring about life and being a Christian. Being a follower of God is really exciting actually. I look at the last several years of my life when I was not walking with God and yes I had some fun, bought some nice things and had a lot to show for my work, but that does not last. Things aquired through God’s will last a lifetime. I have had more enjoyment out of life this year then I have in my whole life and there is a reason for that. I have tried to get involved and serve God through my church as much as possible. As long as I can pay the bills I would rather work for myself and give the rest of the time to God. I get more enjoyment out of working with the Jr. High ministry then I do out of my big old tv in the front room or my truck. Those are material items which I am glad that I have but not as glad as I am to get to hang out with those kids on Sunday mornings. I am trying my best to Live By Reason. I want to actually have a reason for living and that reason is to glorify God. Before I thought I had a good reason to live which was to aquire pretty cool things to have as personal belongings but those will fade away. The mark left on lives through God’s work will last a life time not only on the kids but on me. Today at NEWGEN I had pretty much the best time I have ever had there. I am excited about how God is working in that Ministry right now. Anyhow, this did not start out as a plan to talk about me. I just wanted to encourage all of you reading this to Live of Life of Reason. Hope I didn’t get to off topic. God bless and have an awesome Halloween, Live for God!

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