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Long last 2 days

The last 2 days have been so long and I am ready for some sleep. It all started Wednesday morning. I went to a business networking meeting in Stockton. It was interesting. Met a lot of people and exchanged a lot of business cards. Then I had a computer to repair, a website to update, normal errands, a meeting, exchanged my phone at nextel for a new one, change a part out of a friends computer for him and then small group. Today I had a meeting this morning, took a computer back to a customer, another meeting, normal errands, picked up some computer parts, worked on a website, finished up a few segments on a wedding video and then went to movie night. On top of all of that I have been approving comments on the NEWGEN website like mad and posting blogs of my own. That is why blogging has kinda sucked here. Im so sorry for those of you who come and read my stuff. I will be back on track here soon! Thanks once again for all of your love and support!!!

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