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Long weekend ahead…

This weekend has not even started and its going to be a long one, I can see it… It is about noon right now Friday. I have to pick up a van in an hour that I will be doing graphics on this weekend, be at the church at 2pm to shoot some video, go out to Riverbank this evening to install some stickers on a truck again, and then Im sure friends of mine are going to want to do something tonight and since I have used being busy as an excuse the last 2 weeks I do not know if I will get away with it tonight. Then Saturday I will be working on that van all day and then church at 6pm. Sunday is always busy cause of church and trying to get last minute things done… Ahhh Im going to need to relax Sunday evening after Xrds but Im sure people will want to do something after that as well… Then I have this next week here to get stuff done cause I will be gone all weekend at Fall Retreat!!! Yeah so we will see how things go!

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