The Man in the Mirror

The man in the mirror is my harshest critic. He is usually the first person to stare back into my eyes each day. Early in the morning, I am not always sure what he is thinking. I stare back at him and think about the things I need to achieve today. It is often that he will be the biggest obstacle I will face when I attempt to achieve what is important to me. He tells me that I look tired and defeated.

He isn’t the only one who judges. I look at him in the mirror and criticize his shape. I tell him that his body is failing him. I look into his eyes and tell him that he looks tired. When he wants to go to the gym, I talk him out of it. When we go out to eat, it’s me who over feeds him. When he wants to work hard, I tell him to take a nap. When my kids want to play, I make him sit on the couch.

Sometimes he and I do great things together, but it’s easy to forget those things and focus on the negative.

The man in the mirror is me.

It’s me who I have to get over. I am the one who has allowed myself to get in the way of who I want to be and who I know God wants me to be.

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