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March 2018 Passive Income Report

March 2018 Passive Income Report

March was an interesting month. We had a lot of Hill Media Group projects coming to a close so I focused on creating content. I put out a ton of videos in March and that shows in the numbers you see below. There are still a few passive income areas that finished correcting back to where they would normally be after the holidays and post-holiday sales.

I changed the name of this report from Side Income to Passive Income. The idea is that the income will grow into something that could become my main focus. Calling it side income makes it seem like something I don’t spend much time working on. The goal is to grow passive income streams that continue to pay me over time. As I continue to feed those passive income streams, that income will continue to grow and become an income source that will pay me even if I decide to take a month or two off on occasion.

With the large boost in content production, I am interested to see where Amazon Affiliate sales will go next month in April. Sometimes it can take some time before the increase in content and views result in more affiliate sales.

I still feel confident with how things are going so far in 2018. I have not had the motivation I had at the beginning of the year. I know that I need to get back to it and work on creating a new course. Hopefully, I can make more forward movement in April.

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March 2018 Side Income Total – $4,895.51 (-9.5%)


  • StateOfTech – $1,119.39 (+27.31%) Subscribers: 29,771 (+4.57%) Watch Time: 1,169,902 Minutes (+5.31%)
    This YouTube channel is part mobile technology review videos and part tech tutorial videos. I added a lot of video content in March which is represented in the growth see this month.
  • Ditch Auto – $440.79 (+32.12%) Subscribers: 24,785 (+5.31) Watch Time: 827,560 Minutes (+17.57%)
    My photography channel continues to lack content. I have not had time to put anything together for Ditch Auto. I started the monthly photo challenge but have not had the time to work on additional content and have not focused on any other photography content. This needs to change.
  • Jerad Hill – $42.87 (+9.02%) Subscribers: 5214 (+0.12%) Watch Time: 37,249 Minutes (+10.65%)
    This is my personal channel. I started uploading more content this month but am having trouble with it being found. This channel is so old and has been unused so many times. I think it is going to take a lot of content and consistency to get it to bounce back.
  • AltCast – $0 (0%) Subscribers: 1446 (+23.59%) Watch Time: 64,733 Minutes (+23.03%)
    AltCast is a new channel started January 2018 with a focus on Cryptocurrency Mining. I have seen a lot of growth here due to a give-a-way that was pretty successful. I still need to reach 250,000 watch minutes in order to monetize this channel. I am currently at around 155,000.

Amazon Affiliate

  • Amazon Product Links – $972.33 (+13.69%)
    The Cryptocurrency buzz has died down for sure but the new content produced for State of Tech has helped drive more affiliate sales this month. Ditch Auto is still going strong but I have not added new content. This month I also started posting videos on the website as well with a short write up and product affiliate links. I am hoping to see some growth in traffic to the websites as well.

Google Adsense

  • Google Adsense links/display – $27.61 (-44.39%)
    Google made a pretty sizeable algorithm change in January which put the hurt on one of my sites. As I mentioned above, I have started posting video content to my websites with small articles to work toward growing traffic back up on these sites.
    Sites with Adsense Integration: StateOfTech.NetDitchAuto.Com

Jerad’s Courses

  • Paid courses on Jerad.Courses – $637.00 (-18.75%)
    The Mining Rig course still continues to provide some income, though it is slowing down quite a bit. I need to produce a new course to help replace that income.


  • Paid courses on Udemy – $335.52 (-46.22%)
    Just like with my personal course site, the revenue has dropped a bit on Udemy. I messed around with Udemy’s marketing a bit and allowed Udemy to set sale pricing on my course. This led to more sales, but less revenue overall.

Other Income

  • Other monthly revenue streams from side work – $1320.00 (-28.65%)
    I am almost back to where things were before in this category. I am not selling mining hardware anymore. This category consists of passive income that comes in from various other past projects and content that I no longer work on growing.


This was a rough month for my investment holdings in these two spaces. I didn’t put any money or even really pay much attention to my stocks in the Robinhood app so I lost a little bit there. Cryptocurrency continued to get hammered but I believe this is the bottom. My plan with Crypto was to hold on to what I had (HODL) and wait for it to recover. My investment strategy is a long game here.

  • Stocks (Robinhood) – Holdings: $7,455.90 (-2.22%)
    In April I plan to start focusing on my stocks again. Hope to see some growth here and will also put more money in.
  • Cryptocurrency – Holdings: $3,482.12 (-36.66%)
    Crypto has been hit hard this month and continues to take hits into April. I am still mining which contributes to growth in my holdings but I have lost a good portion of value from when it was at an all-time high in early January. I decided not to buy any Crypto in March. I will wait a bit longer to see what happens in April. If you want to get started investing in Cryptocurrency, I suggest joining Coinbase. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin currently.

March was a good month for YouTube growth. My main focus was producing videos and we put out a lot of videos during this month which is why there was so much growth in this space. I find that it is too easy to work on things that do not contribute to passive income growth. I have to remember what the goal is and continue to work on what will get me there.

Thanks for coming along. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

March 2018 Passive Income Report

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