Modesto Ripon Riverbank and back, 36 miles

I spent a lot of time on a bike today. This morning I got to the gym for a 5am spin class. I rode 12 miles there. Then I worked until 3pm, rode six miles to meet up with some friends and then rode 30 miles. For some reason RunKeeper did not record from my house to my buddy’s house on the same trip. Runkeeper was a little inconsistent this ride.

Modesto Ripon Riverbank and back 36 miles

Start Time: 11/10/08 3:29 pm
End Time: 11/10/08 5:22 pm
Elapsed Time: 1:52:58
Distance: 36.20 mi
Avg Pace: 3:44 / mi
Avg Speed: 16.04 mph
Total Rise: 840 ft

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  • Patrick
    November 12, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Wow nice ride!

    Its a bummer RunKeeper crapped out on you.
    You should try out Fitnio.

    It is another free fitness app for the iPhone that is really easy to use
    and even keeps track of the calories you’ve burned during your ride.

    I haven’t had any problem’s with Fitnio so far:

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