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Much needed Sleep

This whole past week and especially the weekend just tore me back. So much work which resulted in two all nighters. Sunday night I went to sleep around 11pm and did not get out of bed until about noon today. I did wake up a few times but stayed in bed. That was way to much sleep, my body can not handle that so I got tired and right now Im a bit more tired then I would be normally. I also fixed a few bugs on the site today. I figured out the comments problem which was a pretty big deal. I also figured out why the Invite module was not working. Then I got a little crazy and set up a Podcast for the NEWGEN blog site. Joel always records his lessons and now people can listen to them through a Podcast which is really cool. Over on the left of this site I added the NEWGEN Podcast so that anyone reading this blog could add it. Really its pretty cool. Joel is a funny guy and has a lot to pass on to these kids. The kids really look up to him and its not cause he is way tall, although that is the reason I look up to him, heh j/k. That and he is 3 days older then me. Any how that really is it. The sleep was nice but im off to bed now so I can try to get back on some normal schedule before I get totally jacked up.

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