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Jerad's Daily Log Template Evernote

This template is a work in progress. I change things up from time to time as I feel like focusing on an area of my life in greater detail. I currently use Evernote and have this stored as a template I can easily apply each day to a new note.

I currently Daily Log in Notion, check out that video and get the template here.
Get Evernote here:
Download the template to import directly into Evernote:
To use the template in a notes app other than Evernote, copy and paste the log shown below and replace my entries with your own.

Here is how I use my Daily Log.

Intentions: Before bed or at the beginning of the day I set my intentions which include the main goals for the day and the attitude I want to have.

Happenings: Essentially just the items on your calendar.

Gratefulness Log: Throughout the day I add people or things that come to mind.

Action Items: To-do list (I place checkboxes next to the items in Evernote and check them off as I complete them)

Check-ins: Short journal entries throughout the day. I have reminders set on my phone to trigger me to do this.

Ideas: A place to store ideas and thoughts.

Notes: A place to keep notes on ideas, thoughts, something I read, something I listened to, etc.

Caffeine and Workout logs: Additional things I am currently tracking.

The Daily Log Template


  • Today I…


  • Meeting – 9:00 AM @ Starbucks

Gratefulness Log

  • Thankful for…

Action Items

  • To-do
  • I use checkboxes here


  • Few sentences every few hours.


  • Idea or thought


  • Note #1
  • Note #2

Caffeine Tracker

  • 2 x cups @ home

Workout Log

  • 1 hr Treadmill Walking
  • 30 minutes upper body weights

Before you go, do me this small favor

After you start using the Daily Log, let me know how it’s going. Send me an email through my contact page or send me a DM from your social media of choice.

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