My thoughts on DSLR Cameras with Video

First of all, there is so much talk going on about this and I have no idea why people would see this as a bad thing. Why would you not want video on your DSLR? I know all of you have point and shoot cameras and use the video feature on that. I think it is a great idea and I will explain why I believe it will add a ton of value to a photographer for having this feature.

Having something in my hand that can capture video is going to add a whole new element to the slideshows I produce for my clients. I have been desiring for the last year to have someone there to shoot some video or get a decent video camera myself so I could shoot some video to incorporate into my slideshows for my clients. With quick internet connections and software getting more advanced it is easy to place video and photos in a slideshow. I will no longer be calling my slideshows slideshows, I will be calling them a wedding video because they will include video clips. It is easy to capture 3-5 minutes of usable footage to place in between image sets. I am truly excited about this.

Capturing more then moments
At weddings I love capturing moments that can be remembered for a lifetime. It is often that I am able to capture a facial expression that transforms that bride back to her wedding day every time she looks at it. But it is often that something is going on at a wedding that would be better captured as video. Everybody knows how Tech-Crazed I am and how much I love my iPhone. Well at my own wedding it was suggested last minute to me by my Best Man that I read my vows from my iPhone. I already had them on my iPhone because I was working on memorizing them. I have a few pictures of me reading from my iPhone but it was a priceless moment because my wife thought I was actually answering a phone call until I started reading. I would have loved to have a decent quality video of that moment. I plan to take advantage of the video feature on my DSLR and capture more then moments and place those priceless video clips into slideshows for my clients. I do not want to get to the point where I am producing actual video. I have been down that road before. I love photography more then I love shooting video.

Manual Focus
I was about a week shy of purchasing a Canon HV30 and a lens conversion kit so I could attach my Canon lenses to the HV30 (See HV20.com). I was going to do this because I would be able to manual focus via the lens and produce some great video transitions for my slideshows. Now I am just going to wait for my Canon 5D MKII that I pre-ordered to come in. It shoots in higher quality then the HV30 and I already have a ton of lenses. I can’t wait to play with this. Being a video guy from back in the day I always dreamed of having a camera with good focus control on the lens.

Video Cameras have been able to do it
For years, and by years I mean since the early days of DV (digital video), the cameras have been able to capture photos. I have been at weddings where guests have been using their video cameras to take pictures (totally lame). The images captured usually are not that good of quality as the sensors in video cameras are not as good as digital cameras, focus sucks, zoom gets even worse. I think taking a truly amazing camera and adding video capability to it is a great thing.

Endless lens options.
Video cameras that are designed for removable lenses are expensive. There are very few pro-sumer level cameras that do it. Beyond that a camera and a few lenses could cost you about $10k, unless you hack one like I spoke about with the HV30. I already have several Canon lenses and now they are about to become video lenses as well.

Plan on seeing amazing slideshows from me as soon as I get my Canon 5D MKII in.

Update: I just had to post a link to this video. Here is a behind the scene video of the use of the Canon 5D MKII in a full on production.

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  • paul Atherton
    September 28, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    i would love to put some footage into the slideshow – what prog are you using to get the album onto a slideshow or are you putting the images that go into the album as a slideshow ? Ive tried to export the slideshow created in iphoto to a dvd using the apple iDVD but it is crap so Ive had to use (say it quietly) a pc programme !! I think the 5D2 really could be a great addition but I also fear that the couple will want it at no extra cost when they find out that you can shoot video as well esp in the current economic climate ??

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