New Class: Mac Basics with Me!

Mac Basics with Jerad Hill

I have been told that I should teach a class on the Mac. Trust me, I have wanted to teach a class on the Mac for a long time. With some changes and adjustments that I have made and will be making over the next few weeks, I will not have the ability and space to do such a thing.

This will be my first class, and it will be cram packed with Mac Goodness. This class is perfect for those who are either new to Mac ownership or who have a Mac and feel that they are not using it to it’s potential. This class will also be great for those who have been thinking about switching to a Mac from a PC.

Below are the class details. This class will be held on April 7th from 6pm-9pm in Modesto. Read more below, or visit the registration page.

Introducing: Mac Basics with Jerad Hill

What is it?

It’s a 3 hour class all about the Mac with the goal of sending you away a much better and more effective Mac user. You know, one of those Mac users who just knows how to do everything on a Mac. Yeah, that will be you.

Jerad, why are you teaching a class on the Mac?

I have been using the Mac for a long time. Over the years I have figured out ways to save time and be more effective in pretty much everything I do using my Mac. Several times I week I get asked questions about the Mac. Some are from people who need help doing something and others are people who are unsure about switching to a Mac. If you are a Mac user and want to learn how to use a Mac to it’s potential, this will be a great class for you. If you are thinking about switching to a Mac but really don’t know what they are capable of doing, this class will be a great investment in your potential decision to switch.

What will I be able to do after attending?

Use your Mac more efficiently. Use more of your Mac’s features. Use iPhoto like a champ. Create cool videos in iMovie like a champ. Basically you will be a Mac Champ!

What will be covered?

  • Getting around your Mac quickly (Shortcuts, tips, tricks, do’s, dont’s)
  • Mac Basics
    *Doing stuff you thought you needed a PC to do.
    *File Management (Copying, Backing up, Burning Discs) 
    *Email Setup, Tips & Tricks 
  • Organizing files (Photos, Documents, Video, Music and More)
  • iTunes (Organizing Music, Burning CDs, iPhone/iPod Music Tips)
  • iPhone Tips & Tricks
  • iMovie Tips & Tricks
  • Organizing Your Life (Using your Mac to better organize your life)
  • Mac App Store

What should you bring?

  • Your Mac (If it is a laptop, I don’t think we will have room for Desktops)
    *If you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry. Everything that will be talked about will be provided in a take home format as well.
  • A willing mind ready to learn.
  • Seriously, that is all you need to bring.

How does Jerad teach?

I’m going to stop talking in third person for a moment.

I am a very hands on learning type of person. I like to watch someone do a task and then try it myself. That is how I have found it is best to learn on the computer. I find that if I focus to much time on taking notes then my mind is not available to imagine myself doing the action. This is why I will provide you with the exact slides and notes that I use during the class for you to reference if needed. If you have a laptop, you can follow along with me. If you don’t have a laptop, you can partner up with someone who does, or jot down ideas as I show you new things.
Because this class is only three hours and I am covering a ton of stuff, I will be moving quickly through the content. This won’t be a problem because I plan to load you up with stuff so that you can revisit everything and focus more on the areas you see being most useful to you. 

What is Jerad providing?

  • Super Fast Free Wifi!
  • Electricity for your computer if needed.
  • Documentation of everything we talked about.
    *That way you can reference back to what was discussed if you forget how to do something. 
  • Some cool software.
  • Free stuff from his developer friends.
  • Probably some cool stuff for the iPhone if you have one.
  • Refreshments (Coffee, Tea, Soda, Yellow Rockstars, Water)
  • This list will grow as the date gets closer and Jerad comes up with more cool ideas.

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